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PSP fifa08 Cheats

Football pitch with dimensions. Based upon :Image:Football pitch metric.png by Ed g2s and :Image:Soccer field - empty.svg by Nuno TavaresImage via WikipediaPSP fifa08 Cheats
FIFA 08 is EA's latest football sim and a title that brings back the flavor of the most famous sports competition in the world. From the moment you step on the football pitch, FIFA 08 from Electronic Arts (EA) challenges you to think and react like a real professional football player by giving you complete control over all of the action. Manual controls enable you to dictate the play on the pitch and you can also manage your club by preparing for each specific opponent using new custom formations. FIFA 08 ticks all the boxes!

Find out how to dominate any FIFA 08 game (even against Barcelona!) on PSP or Playstation!

Every FIFA 08 cheat code and game cheat

The great potential players in Fifa 08

All the secret achievements you want

The latest FIFA Soccer 08 cheats

FIFA Soccer 08 codes that can help you out play the pro's

All of the exciting Xbox 360 Achievements for FIFA 08

Learn how to get "easy goals"

How to defend set pieces and corners effectively

The art of the counter attack!

Effective strategies shut out and frustrate the opposition

How to master Be A Pro!

How to Stop Penalty Kicks

How to Utilize the Blanco Hop

How to Score on Free Kicks

How to Utilize the Rainbow Kick

Can any team compete with Barcelona?

What skills turn defenders inside out and in which situations

How to drill home 30 yard free kicks

How to use the Rainbow Flick to go around the keeper

Free Kicks - How to take the perfect dead ball from 30 yards

Penalties - How to smash penalties in the top corner

The FIFA 08 tips and tricks guide is the most comprehensive course designed for FIFA08 on the , PSP, PS3 and Xbox360 - the ultimate PSP fifa08 Cheats and tricks guide

Download the PSP fifa08 Cheats and tricks guide totally FREE

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