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Cracked partition magic

Close-up of a hard disk head resting on a disk platter, and its suspension.  A reflection of the head and suspension are visible beneath on the mirror-like disk.Image via WikipediaManaging partitions has been something of a pain from day one.The troubles first started because you couldn't change partitions after you'd started loading files on a drive. If you're one of those people who likes to put the operating system on drive C and applications on drive D, you may have hit a brick wall when your OS partition turned out to be too small for a new operating system - if only you could change the sizes of your partitions�

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Another major consideration with partition management is being able to back up your files efficiently. If you can partition your hard drive into a programs partition and a data partition, you can very easily backup just the data. The advantage of Partition Magic is that you can change the partitions on your hard drive even after you have added programs and data. Of course, you can re-partition your drive with Windows as long as you dont mind wiping all programs and data on your hard drive! Partition Magic can make these partition changes without affecting programs or data. Partition Magic is whats known as a non-destructive partitioning program.

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Partition Magic is one of those few applications nowadays that isn't overhyped - it does exactly what it says on the "tin". Partition Magic can easily change the size of partitions without endangering any data on them. DOS and Windows utilities simply cannot do this.

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Partition Magic also theprovides a preview of changes to your hard drives structure before you execute partition changes. It can show you a comparative disk map, effectively a graphical ‘before' and ‘after' picture. This disk map of your hard drives structure makes the current structure and proposed changes easier to understand and simple for even novice users.

The "magic" in Partition Magic is actually batch processing. For example, you might tell Partition Magic to take a new drive, add a primary and extended partition, then within the primary and extended partitions add some new logical drives, and then format the new drives using NTFS. This process might take awhile, especially with today's very large drives. With Partition Magic you can easily define the whole process, confirm the changes as presented in a disk map, click the Apply button and go wash the cars with confidence that it will be done correctly. Partition Magic will apply the changes and automatically reboot the system so that the changes can be recognized by the operating system.

One of the cleverest things about partition magic is drive mapping. Drive maping will automatically switch the registry and configuration files for paths that have changed due to creating new partitions so all applications and shortcuts will still be valid.

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