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Alphabeat - This is Alphabeat torrent downloads

The band's journey to the Top 10 was brilliantly executed. This Is Alphabeat was first released in Denmark last year, where it went platinum. A small gig in London last spring came as the band were taken on by Mika's manager, who signed them to EMI imprint Charisma. Lengthy tours, the band regrouping in east London and a limited release for the benefit of 'cool' taste-makers gave the band some distance from the hyper-pop sounds that pepper this album, meaning that the band now sit alongside other nurovision acts such as Robyn and Annie in the British media's easily manipulated barometer of cool.

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Alphabeat - This is Alphabeat enhanced 2008 version
Track Listings
1. Fantastic 6
2. Fascination
3. 10,000 Nights
4. Boyfriend
5. What Is Happening
6. Go Go
7. Touch Me Touching You
8. Rubberboots
9. Public Image
10. Nothing But My Baby

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With ten pure pop songs, any of which could be a hit single in it's own right, this album has Pop quality but the modern appeal so needed to break into the charts and stay there. So, whether you are a younger listener who discovered music a few years ago through artists like Busted or Avril Lavigne, or an older fan of bands like ABBA and love to have a dance at the family disco's and have been looking for something new for the last umpteen years, this is the album for you. You won't have a problem dancing to this one, no sir!

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By now everyone knows how good "Fascination” and "10000 Nights” are, but it's with latest single, "Boyfriend” that the album really surprises. There is the slightest hint of Chic to the bassline as it cruises along to a laidback guitar groove. It's been a long time since a band has released such obviously cheesey pop music with many hiding under the guises of rock (Paramore, Fall Out Boy, Busted) or R&B.

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